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The first book published by CAVU was: Fabulous Affairs With Aircraft and Federal Aviation Airheads The name, CAVU, is an old aviation acronym meaning Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited. A name well suited for publishing  books of aviation stories. Gene has several more books planned. 

 Fabulous Affairs With Aircraft and Federal Aviation Airheads. is a collection of many experiences by the author when he was a design engineer, pilot, and an aerospace engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The book, chapter by chapter, hosts a series of his encounters — occasionally risky — of times investigating aircraft accidents and witnessing certification tests. Sometimes the encounters were with fellow FAAers who were great men in the FAA and others who believed they were "God’s gift to aviation" — " Little Tin Gods of FAA." In addition, there are tales of development of unusual aircraft, great men in the aviation industry, and stories involving flight test pilots. In addition, the author included some events with his own designed airplane, "Ophelia Bumps", and when he flew Paul Schroeder's midget racer, "The Rare Bird." The demand for aircraft airworthiness, aviators, and aircraft operation safety standards, dates back to the days of the barnstormers. Those stunt pilots and daredevils painted a colorful chapter in aviation history, but left a trail of carnage across the country. Accidents and crashes drove the aviation public to demand government controls. This is where Fabulous Affairs With Aircraft begins— a brief history of events leading up to the present FAA. This book should be of considerable interest to all who fly, have flown, aspire to fly, or become aerospace engineers. Still, the book is an exciting narrative for anyone who likes adventure and for those concerned with Federal bureaucratic practices.

The author, Gene Turner, has been a pilot and aeronautical engineer for over 50 years. He has worked for and with the FAA for 38 years and is well qualified to write stories about the ins and outs of the FAA and the aviation industry.


Flying Wing Helicopter, one of the stories in the book

                                                         LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK

Read about the designer of the Atom Bomb structure.                            

Fly in a midget racer 50 ft. above the ground at 150 mph — Inverted!                            


Witness the disintegration of the Boeing 737-200 wing during testing. Participate in the L-1011 emergency evacuation test and other FAA certification tests.

Learn what it is like to work inside the FAA as an Aerospace Engineer. Read stories of FAA engineers and inspectors who saw themselves as "God’s gift to aviation"— referred to as "FAA Little Tin Gods". Enjoy reading stories of interesting aircraft development projects, great FAA and industry engineers, inspectors, and flight test pilots. A story of international intrigue is told about the helicopter modification program conducted in Santiago, Chile. The program became known as the "Chile Copter Project." 

                                                             THE BOOKS EPILOGUE

Gene is now retired from industry and devotes his time to Tail-Wind Charlie, his restored Model T-40  and  writing, and still has a love affair with all aircraft.


Little boys eyes look up to the sky

Dreaming of the day he would learn to fly

Building a model, flying a kite

Watching a nearby beacon light

He joined the the Air Corps his dreams

To fulfill

And went through college on  the GI bill

Fly he did and moved to fame

Designed and built his beautiful plane


Epilogue by: Jean M. Turner


                             Gene and his free flight gas model, 1940


                                  Gene and his P-47 Thunderbolt. November 1945       


                       Gene and his beautiful T-40B Ophelia Bumps 1970



Building the Turner T-40,, Sport Aviation Magazine, July 1965.

The New Look on the "All Flying Tails", Sports Aviation Magazine, August 1969; coauthor John Thorp. 


Fabulous Affairs With Aircraft and Federal Aviation Airheads:    $19.95   

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